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Life Loving Foods starts development of a new product line …

We have recently added several plantypro mince flavors and versions. We feel that we have succeeded in presenting and developing a worldwide range of styles and flavors and we will not hesitate to add additional recipes to share any unique new taste experiences. As for the chili lovers versions they will continue to be extended as we continue our adventure into the fascination world of chilis and the Scoville scale.

It is now time for us to embark upon the development of our new range of products which is complementary to our plantypro mince products and which is a “crumble” or “chopped” version of seasoned and flavored vegan meats. It is what would be used in sauces, in tacos, in lasagna and basically wherever the need is for a non-patty type of minced meat. We have not yet decided on the naming convention and the options are “pieces” or “crumbles” or “chopped” or “diced”… We will be starting as of tomorrow and we will be sharing regularly and hope to have a finalized product available very soon so please stay tuned …

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