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plantypro crumbly mix japanese recipe (cane sugar) 180g = 5 servings of 20g protein & 5g fiber

instant seasoned plant-based protein mixIngredients: textured vegetable proteins [Soybeans] 30%, Wheat Gluten 30%, Coconut Flour, pea protein 14%, dehydrated onions, cane sugar 3%, cocoa powder, psyllium husk, paprika, ginger, natural flavors, hibiscus powder, spices[coriander, cumin, turmeric, garlic, nutmeg, cloves]. *Contains: Soy, Wheat, Coconut *May contain traces of Nuts!

Nutrition Facts per 100g of dry mix

Energy1551kj / 370kcal

Total Fat4g
of which saturates – 2g

of which sugars – 11g
of which fibers – 15g

Protein – 56g

Salt – 1g


recipe idea façon gyudon:

1. In a microwave-safe bowl, prepare the crumble by mixing 40ml of water with 35g of plantypro.

2. Press into 3 sausage shapes and flatten and cut into 1 cm slices. Press the slices between oven paper into flakes. Cook the flakes in the microwave at 900W for 1 min. OR place on a covered skillet over very low heat for 10 min. stirring once.

3. Place the thinly sliced onions and the oil in a skillet and fry until tender.

4. Pour a sugar, soy sauce and vinegar mix over the onions and add the plantypro flakes.

5. Stir fry to coat the onions and flakes evenly with the sauce.

6. Serve over a bowl of steamed white rice.

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