plantypro mince plain flavor french style 125g for 250g *photos are non contractual



plantypro mince plain flavor french style 125g for 250g

1. pour into a bowl 1 small cup of mix (50g) add salt and condiments and ½ the cup of water (50ml) or more and mix well into a paste.

2. make into shapes and grill, fry, cook, bake, microwave or add to sauces or recipes as desired and enjoy !

ready to prepare seasoned plant protein based dry mix ingredients: textured vegetable proteins [soybeans] 32%, wheat gluten 28%, pea protein 12%, vegetable fibers, dehydrated onions 1.5%, cocoa powder, paprika, ginger powder, gray pepper 0.4%, natural flavors,  *may contain traces of nuts!


nutrition facts / informations nutritionnelles *
energy / valeur énergétique 1397 kj/ 334 kc
fat / matières grasses 

of which saturates / dont acides gras saturés



carbohydrates / glucides  

of which sugars / dont sucres 

of which fibers / dont fibres alimentaires




protein / protéines 54g
salt / sel  0.4g
* approximate values per 100g of dry-mix . / valeurs approximatives par 100g de mélange sec .