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vegnpro cutlet 

NET WEIGHT 4 x 36g (144g) – 4 x 1.27oz (5.08oz)

instant seasoned plant based proteins mix – Ingredients: : coconut flour 26%, Soy Protein 20%, Wheat Gluten 20%, pea protein 12%, Textured Vegetable Proteins [Soybeans] 10%, golden flax flour, psyllium husks, dehydrated onions, white quinoa, yellow mustard powder, ginger, lemongrass, garlic. *Contains Soya, Wheat Gluten and Coconut – *may contain traces of Nuts.

open a sachet of mix along the upper edge and pour into a bowl (optional – add a tablespoon of starch, etc.)
fill the empty sachet one forth (1/4) or more with (~36ml) cold water or more and stir well into the mix.
make shapes and fry in a hot oiled frying pan OR deep fry in hot oil at 150°C OR poach in boiling water OR cook in the microwave at 900W for 1 minute or in a conventional oven at 150°C for 10 minutes OR
add to your dishes or recipes.


nutrition facts

vegnpro mix 100g
energy 1623kJ / 390kcal
total fat

saturated fat



total carbohydrates

dietary fibers





protein 56g
salt 0,8g


visit cook.lifelovingfoods.com for more recipes and information

*per 36g serving of dry mix. 3g net carbs = (9g carbohydrates – 6g fiber)

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