In a nutshell, we aim to make foods that manifest a love of life.

We want our plant protein rich and dense products to help preserve animal lives while also enriching the quality of the lives of those who consume them so they can find a new love of their own lives.

That is why we select highly sustainable and nutriment rich ingredients so that even nominal quantities can sustain our bodies in a balanced manner, and we make them into instant mixes that are as delicious and nutritious as possible while adapting them to be versions of the most loved food flavors from around the globe. We also make them rich enough with proteins, fibers, and nutrients so that they can extend the feeling of being satiated thus reducing the need for extra food which in turn makes us healthier and more productive. It also lowers the need for food production, preserving our environment and making food more readily available for all. Food that essentially feeds and is good for our bodies, our souls, and the rest of our world!

That is why we launched our plantypro mix based on our award-winning dry mix vegan version of popular foods and recipes. It encompasses our innovative concept that strives to use complex plant protein instant dry mixes as a substitute for animal sourced protein & takes both the benefits and flavors of plant protein-based food products to the next level!

Our mission is to address the global food challenges among which are safety, quality, availability, and distribution. We aim to address these four themes which concern our main ethos in the development and marketing of our plantypro products for human consumption.

Food safety is to ensure the traceability of the grain and seeds until harvest. This is the first step and among the risk factors are direct or indirect genetic modifications as well as contamination by pesticides or pollution. In the case of vegetable proteins that are going to be the result of an extraction process and subsequently an additional process of texturization, the existing methods must be considered and the pollutant or contaminant effects on the product and the environment adequately evaluated.

Consistent and constant quality must be ensured as harvests can vary, and the final product will reflect these changes. As it is a dry state product that needs to be rehydrated there is in addition to the taste factor other factors such as texture, absorption, and the effect of heat to be considered. This is important from a commercial point of view to be able to provide the consumer with a stable product that will ensure familiarity which will encourage repeated purchase and consumption, especially when it comes to innovative products.

Food availability means being able to satisfy the food supply in a consistent manner over time. This requires sufficient and optimal storage and supply management. The distribution meaning geographical logistics but also optimal distribution. Instant dry mixes have the benefit of efficiently and effectively preserving the nutritional elements of food from the source to the consumer in a preservative free and energy saving manner. Long shelf life and reduced transportation and storage size and weight make our innovative plantypro mixes an ideal way to make protein-rich and protein-dense foods instantly available in any place and time in a highly delicious and nutritious manner.

Life Loving Foods strives to address the many present and future food challenges in the most consumer satisfying and pleasing manner possible!